History and types of coffees

The origins of coffee

There are many and diverse theories about the origins of coffee, although all of them coincide in placing them in the African continent, more specifically in Ethiopia, as the epicenter of the discovery of the second most consumed drink in the world after water.

Legend says...

According to legend, a young shepherd from Yemen (300 AD) named Kaldi was the one who discovered the coffee plant. Suddenly one day he observed a strange behavior in his herd of goats, which jumped energetically after ingesting the red fruits of a bush hitherto unknown. Surprised by what happened, the young shepherd collected these berries and took them to the imam of a nearby mosque. He boiled the striking red fruits and drank the resulting infusion. It was so bitter that he gave up finishing it and threw those fruits into the fire and observed that when roasted they gave off a pleasant aroma. Immediately afterwards, he again prepared an infusion with the already roasted fruits, thus discovering what we know today as coffee. This infusion became the social drink of the Arab world and from there it spread to the rest of the planet.